Effluent Treatment Plant


Effluent Treatment Plant

Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) is most cost Effective & technically proven system to remove the unwanted, hazardous chemicals from the wastewater to meets the statutory pollution control requirements, especially for chemicals, pharmaceuticals, phosphate and electroplating wastewaters. We undertake turnkey project of various capacities as per the client's requirement.

Salient Features

• Very cost effective: Less initial investment.

• Compact and proven design: required very minimum area for mounting.

• Quality products and piping items: special sludge pump and total corrosion free Cpvc piping & FRP/Epoxy coated MS tanks.

• Water recycle: You can recycle treated water to some of your process applications

• Easy Operation and maintenance: Plant is easy in operation and any unskilled person can operate it, after proper training.

• Flexible design: Starting from 500 Lit/day to 50,000 Lit/day capacities

• Recurring Expenses: Economical plant operating cost.

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