Bag Filter


Bag Filter

We Offer full range of filter bags to meet your exactly needs. They are effective in removing solid particulate from liquids where large volumes of contamination are present or where high viscosity fluids must be filtered. The Bag Filters are fabricated using high dirt holding media that provides consistent particle retention. Longer life reduces purchase cost & downtimes due to change outs, and disposal costs. Thus it reduces overall filtration cost compared to cartridge filters.

Our Filter Bags have the lowest standard deviation of any other filter which means users achieve more consistent results from batch to batch. Equally important, this product presents the ultimate value in high purity filtration.

Features & Benefits

• High performance

• Filtration rating from 1 to 100 Micron

• Viscous fluid capability

• High flow rates

• Low pressure drop Broad chemical compatibility

• Positive sealing arrangement with choice of materials

• High dirt holding capacity

• Easy maintenance

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